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What Type of Insurance Does Freedom Boat Club Provide for Its Members?
What Type of Insurance Does Freedom Boat Club Provide for Its Members?

As a member of Freedom Boat Club, you are automatically insured in a similar manner had you purchased your own boat and your own insurance instead of joining the club.


  • You are a Permissive User under the boat’s Physical Damage policy.  

  • And, you are an Additional Insured under our Watercraft Liability policy, that protects you with up to $1,000,000 of coverage should you injure a third-party, or damage a third-party’s property while operating a Freedom Boat Club boat.  

Each of these coverages has a deductible that you will be responsible for paying, just like if you had purchased your own boat and insurance.


Some of our clubs also offer an optional member program that provides extra protection for those members who desire it.

Active boaters know that despite our best intentions and safeguards, sometimes, unexpected incidents happen.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

The prop may sustain damage … the boat’s gelcoat may get scratched, or the upholstery may tear …  sometimes the tide goes out faster than anticipated and a member is left high and dry on the beach, requiring a special tow.

Ever pulled up to a restaurant, had a great meal, headed back to the club and then when you were preparing to dock, realize you left the Freedom Boat Club lines behind? You call to check on them, and they are nowhere to be found!  

We know what can happen all too well. After all, we track each and every incident.

And honestly, there’s nothing our club operators dislike more than having to advise our valued members that such unexpected and unintentional miscues require repair or replacement … and yes, incur a cost.

As part of our goal to provide the best maintenance-free boating lifestyle available, Freedom Boat Club launched the FBC-PLUS program in 2015 to positively address these all-too-common boating scenarios.  

The following is an example of the corporate-owned clubs’ optional membership program, which is available for those in SW Florida from Bradenton to Marco Island.

NOTE: Please check with your local club to see if they offer a similar program, as not all offer the additional coverage option. In addition, their type and level of coverage may vary, so please be sure to ask.  

The Corporate Clubs’ FBC-PLUS is an optional program designed for members who are interested in buying down their $2500 liability and hull/machinery deductibles, at a very attractive and minimal cost.

FBC-PLUS is an annual program. It’s reciprocal in scope, so whether you’re boating in Sarasota, Naples, Boston or San Diego … in fact, wherever you boat with Freedom Boat Club … FBC-PLUS is in full effect.

FBC-Plus* features the following provisions:

  • MINOR DAMAGES: Up to $500 total in annual benefits for “boating equipment” paid directly to cover damage to propellers, anchors or attachments, bimini tops and /or canvas, life preservers, life rings or any other miscellaneous items used in the navigation and operation of boats owned by FBC and/or its franchisees.

  • TOWING: Up to $1000 in annual benefits paid in reimbursement for reasonable charges associated with the towing of a boat that the member may incur due to operator error, while using a FBC vessel. This does not apply to salvage charges.

  • MAJOR DAMAGE: ZERO Deductible! That’s right … ZERO DEDUCTIBLE for up to two occurrences in your calendar year. The total aggregate of this benefit is a maximum of $5000, depending on the total amount of the potential two occurrences, with a maximum of up to $2500 per occurrence.

  • ISLAMORADA USAGE: Freedom Boat Club owns and operates a highly desirable amenity location in the beautiful Florida Keys! FBC-Plus members enjoy one FREE reservation and subsequent reservations of $200 each as desired. Advance reservations required.

NOTE: Enrollment in FBC-Plus is subject to approval by Freedom Boat Club management.

We hope this provides a solid overview of the Freedom Boat Club standard insurance coverage, with an example of possible optional coverage programs that are available.

For complete details about Freedom Boat Club and the insurance programs available, please speak with the Freedom Boat Club membership executive in your local market.

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